New Suppliers

We value our relationships with our Suppliers and work in partnership with them to enable us to offer our customers great value through our different store formats. Accordingly we regularly update our Suppliers on our business development, our strategy for growth and our performance. McColl's can boast having high quality EPoS data and industry leading compliance levels both of which are highly valued by our suppliers. These attributes enable us to execute NPD initiatives very effectively and to undertake and monitor product and category trials. We are flexible and will always work with our suppliers to get results.


Product ranging

Our product ranges are reviewed frequently against an annual review calendar. Our range reviews use key Shopper and Consumer insights and take account of market trends to ensure our range is up to date. Our range reviews take account of our different store formats and the shopper missions appropriate to each.  


Our annual sales and marketing plan is based on 17 x 3 weekly price promotions and includes a detailed plan for each of the key seasonal events, Christmas, Easter, Halloween for example. Seasonal events are of increasing importance and we see these as key areas for growth.

Introducing a new product to McColl's

McColl's chosen service provider is Palmer & Harvey who operate a network of 11 ambient and 5 chilled & frozen distribution centres. McColl's retains authority over range selection (including NPD), promotions, cost price negotiations and associated terms negotiations. 

If you have a product or service opportunity you would like to discuss with our Buying team please send an email including your contact phone number and some basic details about your Company and offer.



  • How many stores does McColl's have? View: Geographical Locations

  • Are all deliveries via Palmer & Harvey? There are other supply routes available for non food and these can be explained as part of any ongoing discussions.
  • Is it possible to supply products not all ready listed by Palmer & Harvey? Yes
  • Do all products have to be barcoded? Yes
  • How will we receive orders? P&H are very flexible in how they can place orders.  The facility exists to send these by email, EDI or Fax. 
  • How do we get paid for goods delivered to McColl's? The Palmer & Harvey Commercial Department will advise you of their standard payment terms as part of your initial discussions when you are set up as a supplier.
  • Do Palmer & Harvey insist on 'CHEP' pallets? Yes
  • How long before I hear back about my application? We aim to respond to you within 10 working days.